What are the Different Types of Hardwood Timber Species?

For many, the difference between timber is as simple as hardwood or pine, painted or stained (and even then, it can be difficult to tell the difference). However, Australia is home to a wide range of stunning hardwood timber species, many of which are ideally suited to residential projects such as decking,fencing and timber flooring. If you want to learn more about the distinctive qualities of different species, you’ve come to the right place – in this guide, we’ve outlined some of the features and benefits of our favourite hardwoods.

Australian Hardwoods


Durable and hardwearing, this Australian hardwood offers attractive golden tones that vary from honey to pale brown – it’s stunning appearance ensures it is ideal for feature applications, both indoor and out.


Incredibly rare, this timber’s stunning red colour ensures it is prized across the country for the unique finish that it offers any architectural build – and is the perfect choice for a truly opulent finish.

Red Gum

As the name suggests, Red Gum offers an attractive deep red colour that is hard to replicate. An Australian icon, this timber can offer such a deep hue that it appears almost black – and it has the strength and durability to match!

Silvertop Ash

With unique ring growths, this hardwood timber species is known for its gum markings and pencil veins; ensuring a finish that stands out from the crowd. Incredibly strong yet easy to use, it is one of only seven hardwoods that is approved for use in fire prone areas.

Spotted Gum

Strong, durable and termite resistant, Spotted Gum is ideally suited to structural, interior and exterior use. With a stunning colour range, from light coffee to rich chocolate, it is no surprise that it is one of the country’s favourite hardwoods.

Tasmanian Oak

One of the most popular choices for flooring, Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash are referred to interchangeably. They offer subtly straw and cream hues, which can effortlessly complement any space.

Victorian Ash

Incredibly similar to Tasmanian Oak, these timbers are easily accessible – and affordable as a result. They offer excellent durability for interior use and is one of the most well-loved timber options available.

International Hardwoods

American Oak

Easy to work with, this is an excellent choice for internal applications. Featuring attractive pale-yellow tones, this fashionable American timber is ideally suited to flooring.


One of the most popular hardwoods on the market, merbau timber is imported from South East Asia. Incredibly durable, it has a lifespan of well over 40 years and is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications.

As you can see, there are a huge range of hardwood timber species to choose from, with many timbers being suited to a variety of projects. To understand which option is best for your build, we suggest speaking with an experienced professional, as they can make recommendations based on the appearance, strength and longevity of each particular hardwood.