Hardwood Timber Suppliers Melbourne, Australia

Hardwood timber is a luxurious feature that every home should take advantage of. Whatever your personal taste or architecture style, you can be confident there is a species that suits your needs.

From decking and flooring to bold feature pieces, Australian and international hardwoods are loved across Melbourne thanks to their beautiful colours and unique grains. Oil them to highlight their natural characteristics, or leave them to weather to bring out a stunning silver tone.

We stock a huge range of hardwood species – perfect for both indoor and outdoor use – and we supply to builders, landscapers, fencers, and of course, homeowners.


Known as the King of Australian hardwoods, it ranges from deep red and coffee brown to light greys and pinks.

Spotted Gum

One of the country’s most sort after species, it’s strong, durable and ranges from stunning blondes to rich reds.


Loved by many for its strength and versatility, it offers attractive blonde and honey tones and striking grain patterns.

Silvertop Ash

Known for its unique ring growths and gum veins, this timber is predominantly light honey brown with pinkish tones.


Renowned for its versatility, durability and strength, Jarrah is ideal for structural and design applications.

American Oak

Valued for its stunning grain and excellent stability, it offers a warm colour range from rich creams to dark browns.


This South East Asian timber is well loved for its strength and stability, and has a reddish brown colour range.

Victorian Ash

One of the most popular and cost-effective flooring options, the Ash offers a straight grain and pale blonde tones.

Tasmanian Oak

With a honey palate, the Oak is affordable and readily available – ideal for hardwood flooring applications.

Red Gum

An iconic timber with a reputation for durability and strength, the Red Gum comes in a distinct red hue.


Modern and timeless, timber cladding is an excellent way to improve the façade of any property.


Timber decking is one of the most worthwhile additions that can be made for any home.


It comes as no surprise that timber flooring is as popular now as it always has been.


Transforming an entire property requires skill, experience – and high-quality materials.

Who uses hardwood timber?

With over 40 years of experience, we have a passion for high quality products and premium hardwood timber – which we share with leading commercial and domestic businesses throughout metro Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Whether it’s landscapers looking for the perfect piece of feature timber or builders looking for decking and flooring, we can help you complete any project. Our timber is also perfect for fencing, with the largest range in on the Peninsula.

Hardwood isn’t just loved by professional builders and landscapers however – we’re proud to supply our timber to homeowners who are undertaking a DIY renovation or new build. From laying a deck to building a pergola, you’ll be happy to learn that our hardwood is available to the public too – Our team is always ready to share our expert advice and professional tips and tricks.